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When Would Bridging Finance Benefit You?


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Simultaneous Buying and Selling:

If you’re navigating the sale of your current property while simultaneously securing a new one, bridging finance becomes a financial ally. It ensures you have the funds to acquire your new home before the sale of your existing property is finalised.

Avoiding Timing Gaps:

Property transactions rarely align seamlessly. Bridging finance becomes invaluable when you need to bridge the gap between settling on your new property and awaiting the proceeds from the sale of your current one, preventing any inconvenient timing gaps.

Seizing Time-Sensitive Opportunities:

In a dynamic property market, opportunities arise and vanish swiftly. Bridging finance empowers you to act swiftly, securing a new property without being hindered by the slower process of selling your current one.

Our Lenders


“An amazing service from a team who genuinely care about your situation and results. Jared and the team looked after all our loan needs and were amazing.”

Edward & Rebecca Elanora

“Jared Engwirda is the absolute professional, a pleasure to deal with, you can expect an exceptional experience. Jared thanks for making our dreams come true. We will undoubtedly use your services in the future and highly recommend your expertise.”

Lisa & Simon Robina

“Recently got a loan with Jared from Sunstate Financial. Thanks so much for going above and beyond in securing my loan in such a short timeframe. Not only did you calm my nerves but you were always available helpful and professional at all times even when I was a nervous mess. Highly recommend you to anyone. I am interstate and found dealing with you easier than my local reps. Will be back if I ever need anything again and can’t say thanks and recommend you enough. Happy with my home and loan!  Great job Jared and Sunstate Financial.”

Melissa Melbourne
“Got us a great mortgage! Jared is tenacious, dedicated and an all-round great bloke to deal with!”
Chris & Michelle Dubai

Understanding Bridging Finance:
A Bridge to Your Property Goals

Bridging finance serves as a strategic financial bridge, addressing the temporary gap between the sale of your existing property and the acquisition of a new one. This short-term loan provides the necessary funds to secure your new home before the proceeds from the sale of your current property become available. It’s a valuable tool, particularly when timing gaps might otherwise cause delays or missed opportunities in the property market.

The Sunstate Financial Advantage in Bridging Finance:

Tailored Solutions:

Sunstate Financial provides personalised bridging finance solutions aligned with your unique circumstances and objectives. Our understanding that each transition is different ensures a solution tailored precisely to your needs.

Efficient Processes:

Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of bridging finance, Sunstate Financial streamlines application and approval processes. This efficiency ensures a swift and seamless experience during this critical transition period.

Expert Guidance:

Navigating the complexities of bridging finance can be challenging. Sunstate Financial offers expert guidance, making the process transparent and straightforward. This expertise provides confidence as you navigate your property transition.

Bridging Finance: Navigating Seamless Property Transitions with Sunstate Financial

Bridging finance acts as a vital link in the real estate journey, offering a short-term financial solution for homeowners in the transition phase between selling their current property and acquiring a new one. Sunstate Financial is your experienced guide through the intricacies of bridging finance, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience tailored to your unique needs.

Make Your Transition Seamless with Sunstate Financial's Bridging Finance

Whether you’re upgrading your home, downsizing, or aiming to avoid timing gaps in property transactions, Sunstate Financial is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of bridging finance. Contact us today, and let’s bridge the gap to your new property with confidence and ease.